Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Red Tear
This sketch was done in response to the alarm fisheries biologists have expressed at the imminent collapse of tuna populations. Tuna is just one resource of many that is at great risk of being drained. I believe the industrial nations of the world - including Japan, the largest consumer of tuna - have a responsibility to manage Earth's resources, not only for themselves but also for those countries whose people rely on the same resources but do not have the capabilities or need to harvest in such vast quantities. The weight of that responsibility starts at the onset of a resource's use...not when it is sapped.

Perhaps the greatest opposition to responsible management occurs when the environment is one of a state of denial. It is my hope that the peoples of these countries will open their eyes to see they cannot sustain the current yields, and then raise their voices until their governments listen and act responsibly.


Detlef said...

Sound pelagic philosophy and fine pencil work.

Anonymous said...

Great illo - awesome philosophy. Thanks for sharing both! :)

studio lolo said...

Wonderful, powerful illo and message. Thank you!